When should vitamin D supplement for children

Did you know that taking vitamin D at the right time for your baby is essential? Vitamin D is one of the most deficient micronutrients, even in adults or infants. Vitamin D deficiency affects children’s health and development. Therefore, we should provide adequate vitamin D for the baby.

Why Do They Need Vitamin D?

For children, especially young children,  vitamin D  plays an important role in the development of skeletal muscles in children. At this age children with vitamin D deficiency will cause rickets, bone risk of deformity, fracture, affect the ability of the child’s mobility. Moreover, common colds, anorexia, delayed growth, or crying … are also the causes of vitamin D deficiency.

In contrast, if a child is supplemented with vitamin D, it will help  boost the immune system  . Vitamin D is like “good fighters help kill and form a solid wall to protect the body from the Attack of the viruses “.

Vitamin D  enhances the immune system  and helps the body fight infections or chronic diseases. Proper dosage of vitamin D also helps the brain function better, making the metabolism in the body stronger and help keep the weight at a reasonable level.

When should vitamin D supplement for children

When to take vitamin D supplements?

For children under 1 year of age, the minimum daily vitamin D requirement is 400 IU and should not exceed 1000 IU per day.
– For children under 6 years of age, 1500 IU per day
. months to 1 year.
For older children, at least 600 units of vitamin D per day should be given at a minimum, not to exceed 2500 IU per day
. For children 3 years and older, children 4 to 8 years of age should not exceed 3000 IU per day
– Children over 8 years of age should not exceed 4000 IU per day.

If you do not sleep well, or if you do not sweat, do not rush your baby to take vitamin D but need to check the doctor. Through sunbathing, vitamin D is formed from the skin’s exposure to morning ultraviolet light that can meet 70-80% of body needs. So if your baby is born in the summer, is regularly sunbathed (30 minutes a day for about 7-8 hours), suckling milk from a vitamin D-deficient mother or formula-fed formula D does not need to give the baby supplement.

When to take vitamin D supplements

How is vitamin D supplemented?

– Give your baby sunshine

Your baby should be sunbathing at 7-9 am and after 5 pm, the time when ultraviolet light is weak. Each time, her mother sunbathing from 10 to 30 minutes and each tablet lasts 10 days. This is the simplest way to promote vitamin D production in the body.

– Add these ingredients to your baby’s diet: milk, butter, liver, cod liver oil, egg yolks, whole grains …

– Add vitamin D to your baby by giving him  Pedia D-Vite Drops  every day:

Pedia D-Vite Drops  is a US-based product recommended by US pediatricians for its  Poly Viol formula  (recognized as the No.1 vitamin supplement in the United States). ). The products are sold widely in the most visible position in the pharmaceutical system throughout the United States such as Pharmacy, Walmart … Mothers who do not know much about this product can refer to the information and the child.

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