Symptoms of calcium deficiency in young children need to know

Calcium plays an important role in the physical development of the child. However, babies are often deficient in calcium for many reasons. Identify some calcium deficiency symptoms in young children promptly to help parents supplement calcium for the baby.

1. Symptoms of calcium deficiency in children

Children lack calcium often have the following signs:
– Children crying, sleep is not good sleep, sleep or startled, crying.
– Young or twisted, milk.
– Young children sweat, especially at bedtime.
Hair loses its shape on the nape of the neck.
– Or there are laryngospasm that causes difficulty breathing, hiccups, diarrhea …
– Severe cases can cause shortness of breath and shortness of breath. Children with severe rickets due to lack of calcium, slow down the flat, flat head, chest, knee or bowl, slow teething, slow development of motor skills.

A child with a hair loss is a sign of calcium deficiency

Causes calcium deficiency

In the first 2 weeks after birth, babies are very prone to calcium deficiency because during this time the baby’s bone grows strong, requiring high calcium supply. But after cutting off the umbilical cord, the amount of calcium delivered to the baby is cut short and the supply of calcium from the outside through the milk is often lacking.

In addition, some causes of calcium deficiency are:

– Infants should often be overly covered with young children who are susceptible to infection so many children do not get sunbathing or sunbathing improperly. Newborns who are not sunbathed often face severe vitamin D deficiency leading to limiting calcium absorption and transport in the body, resulting in calcium deficiency.
– The mother is breastfeeding but excessive abstinence makes breast milk deficiency, so children are not fully nutritional supplement from the source of breast milk.
– The nutritional status of children is not reasonable.
– Mothers with diabetes or pregnancy poisoning.
– Children with severe thyroid dysfunction.
Children with asphyxia or hypoxaemia during childbirth.

Children who are deficient in calcium may be prevented from regular sunbathing

3. How is calcium supplemented?

Effective calcium supplements for babies are something that mothers always care about.

Add calcium from breast milk

Breast milk  is a good source of calcium for babies. Therefore, the mother needs to provide enough nutrition to provide the necessary nutrients. Nutrition experts recommend breastfeeding exclusively for the first 6 months.

Regular sunbathing

One of the most common causes of calcium deficiency is vitamin D deficiency, a substance that causes the body to absorb calcium better. Vitamin D is mainly supplemented through sun exposure. Therefore, the mother should give the child sunbathing regularly so that children can supplement the vitamin D needed. The best time to sunbathe is around 7 – 8 am and after 5 pm, each time from 15 to 30 minutes will help children have enough vitamins necessary for development.

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Give your child calcium

In case of need, mother can supplement calcium from the functional foods, this is a safe way to supplement calcium effectively for children. Mothers should pay attention to the calcium supplement daily for children must be based on age. Children under 6 months of age need 300mg of calcium per day, children between 7 and 12 months of age need 400mg of calcium per day. With moderate calcium intake, calcium intake ensures adequate calcium intake.

Early detection of calcium deficiency symptoms in young children will help parents supplement the calcium intake to meet the development needs of children. Hope the information in the article will help parents have more knowledge to care for children.

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